~ Feel more Japan, Feel more Nippon ~
Japan a country which
the world is in love with

Asianagency is aiming at re-recognizing the great culture of japan and spreading the charm of it to
the world by providing support service and and putting effort in human resource development and
promoting the communication of people, culture and economics.


Communication support

  • web creation

    Proposing the most suitable web contents innonstop-changing environments

    The homepage which provides one-stop service from planning to production and maximize the corresponding efficiency to the change of market and environment, not only provides the information but also be utilized forcustomer analyzation. Grasping the situations of the company and the store

  • multi-lingual support service

    We provide multi-lingual support to meet the customer'need.

    Foreign travelers visiting Japan has been increasing rapidly multi-lingual service has already become characteristic of this this time.The cabinet council decision on Tourism-based Country Promotion Basic Plan is aiming at increasing the inbound consumption up to 8 trillion Japanese yen and regional lodging up to 70 million people. This number has been greatly increased after that, it is not late to start multi-lingual service from now.Take action quickly before a big loss caused by lacking multi-lingual service.

  • Study abroad program

    Hot topics about studying abroad in Philippines no handling charges for any school

    There’ re 100 thousand Japanese international students according to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
    In rapidly developing country like India and China, the number of international student is increasing year by year.with the background of globalization, from the view of international competitiveness, learning a language by studying abroad has become essential in this time. And now is a chance to establish a lead with other people for the number of Japanese international students stays flat at this stage.

One-to-one lesson is centering on studying English in the Philippines! Learn effective language skills in a short period of time!

People want to learn languages ​​from around the world gather. you can live together under the same goal.

Many Filipino lecturers are temperate and friendly, and they increase the motivation for learning.

On weekends, you can take a break from my language study with a spectacular resort. It is a good opportunity to deepen your exchanges with your classmates.

We discuss designing direction of web design with designers and illustrators.

We analyze the current situation and propose website planning and renewal.

Multilingual staff guide you on products and services.

Support for property
revitalization and utilization

  • 1

    Accommodation business

    Accommodation facility operated in Kyoto from town house to modern style

    Visiting Japan Foreigners 40 million in 2020 Market size is 8 trillion yenThe government is planning to make it possible for the number of foreign tourists visiting Japan to reach 40 million and 60 million,We are doing various efforts to improve the comfort at the time of stay and attractiveness of tourist spots and facilitation of movement to sightseeing spots. Due to the "New Housing Law (Housing Accommodation Business Law)",people who use vacant homes in general homes and empty houses that are no longer used are also increasing.

  • 2

    Renovation / renovation business

    Renovation of town houses and renovation of modern houses

    For better living and security and security!Regularly check the condition of the building The useful life of a house is said to be 30 to 80 years.However, it is not a division that it is necessary to rebuild every 30 years.Some house makers who sing houses that can live for 100 years have also appeared.A new technology is also born in the construction industry, and the lifespan of the house is extending. On the other hand, to maintain old buildings such as inherited houses and town houses, regular renovation is necessary.If you do not use it, leaving it unattended may cause empty birds and a fire. If you do interior decoration and water reform, you can use it as a rental property.At our company, we propose not only construction, but also how to utilize the building in total.

  • 3

    Regional revitalization project

    Regional revitalization by regeneration of old houses

    Find valuable usage methods without being concerned with building maintenance and restoration Until now I have been watching many wooden buildings through town house revitalization and renovation.Many buildings with a history of 100 years, 200 years, or even more exist.However, the number is decreasing year by year. The foundation is solid on the house where natural timber is used uncannily in pillars and beams.If we are just caught up in the restoration of the building we can not find a way to use it.I believe it is important to add modern functional elements while taking advantage of existing foundations and facial expressions of buildings.Buildings with functional elements will be living and can be used or stores as well.Also, people gather in functional places.That group of people will soon become a small community, and it will also be one opportunity to attract people's attention.

Renovation that made use of fittings and beams traditionally applied only to old town houses.

You can feel the effect of cypress healing Machiya. The bright wood also has the effect of showing the room wide!

Liberating the narrowly cut room and using it as a living room that can be used extensively.

Renovation that made use of the facade of 100 years and making repair safe housing securely.

Renovation of Western style room to Japanese style room, Japanese style room to Western style according to application. You can feel A big change with a wallpaper.

Moving old town house to modern style! In a space with a feeling of relief due to colonnade and high ceiling!

Space where you can feel atmosphere of town house. Modern and convenient features are installed around the water!

Traditional culture business

  • Kimono rental business

    Kimono rental shop developing
    at Higashiyama in Kyoto

  • Kimono processing
    remake item sales business

    Functional items that create clothing
    and bands reused

  • Old article sales business

    Sales of kimono, haori and
    unique antiques

Offering opportunities for travelers from a wide range of domestic age groups and overseas to feel comfortable withkimono

Kimono is one of the traditional cultures proud of the world that has been handed down in Japan since ancient times.
For those who do not have access to kimono usually, it may be a special existence.
As a matter of fact, there are kimonos in excess of millions of yen or more than 10 million yen.
However, in order to provide a place where many people can have familiarity with Japanese kimono culture, we will operate kimono rental shops We carry out dressing classes and also provide business tie wearing service

We offer many Japanese style accessories in the form of rental / sales.

Around the world, young and old are wearing kimonos and enjoying Kyoto sightseeing. Various sizes are available.

You can arrange shooting studio by advance reservation system and carry out commemorative shooting.

Antique kimono is handmade and remade and sold. It is popular as a souvenir of travelers.

We are preparing kimonos for children and large sizes so that you can wear overseas as well.

Kimono rental and outdoor shooting plans are also popular, which is ideal for special travel such as honeymoon.

In a spacious photography studio, you can relax and shoot.


Company name Asian Agency, inc.
Location Kyouto Advanced Science, Thechnology & Management Reseach Institute of Kyoto 8F, 134, Chudoji Minamimachi, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Representative Kiyotaka Fukui
Establishment November 13, 2014
Employee 10 people (including part-timers etc.)
Contact Us TEL:+81-75-874-6999
Business contents 1. Planning, production and administration of website
2. Planning, development and sale of computer systems
3. Various marketing services
4. Intermediary service business of studying abroad and agency business of study abroad procedures
5. Foreign language translation and interpreting business
6. Management of a language school
7. Telecommunications Education Business
8. Management of hotels, inns, simple accommodation facilities and consulting services
9. Travel agency agency business based on travel business law such as travel planning, travel arrangements
10. Kimono sales and rental
11. Sales and purchase of antiques based on antique business law
12. Management, planning and management consulting of restaurant
13. Buildings, construction enhancement, renovation and cleaning operations
14. Real estate buying and selling, leasing, management, brokerage and representation and consulting services
15. Manufacture, processing and sale of agriculture and agricultural products
16. Personnel service consulting business
17. Any business incidental to the preceding items
Bank Kyoto Shinkin Bank Head Office
Bank of Kyoto (Makino Branch)
Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ (Kuzuha branch)
Rakuten Bank (second sales branch)
Advisor I-nex tax accountant corporation
COCON-Karasuma5F, 620, Suiginya-cho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
Member Members of the Public Interest Foundation Shoko Tax Association